We solve dry eye syndrome with dry eye treatment in Vienna

It is important to find an effective treatment that works for you

Treat dry eye syndrome with dry eye treatment in Vienna

It is important to find an effective treatment that works for you

Dry eyes can cause discomfort and impact your overall quality of life

We offer personalised care for dry eyes from Intense Pulse Light Therapy to medical treatment

  • Dry eye is a common problem, but it can lead to severe complications if left untreated.
  • The type of treatment we recommend will depend on the underlying cause. At your first appointment, we will perform a thorough dry eye assessment to find a treatment that we think would be the most appropriate to help you with your symptoms.
  • This examination may include:
    • The use of diagnostic dyes
    • Meibomian gland imaging and assessment
    • Tear osmolarity
    • A general assessment of the health of the surface of your eye
  • Some treatments focus on reversing or managing a condition or factor that’s causing your dry eyes. Other treatments aim at improving your tear film quality.
  • Treatments include:
    • Drops and medications
    • Tear replacement medication – The most common treatment is artificial tear replacement that helps make up for the lack of natural lubricating tears. Artificial tear products come in liquid form, longer-lasting gel form and long-lasting ointment form, which are commonly recommended for nighttime use. Many different brands of artificial tears are available over-the-counter. Some contain preservatives, and some do not.
    • Anti-inflammatory Eye drops: Anti-inflammatory eye drop medications commonly used to treat dry eyes decrease inflammation in the glands and allow more natural tear film formation. You can use these medications alone or in conjunction with over the counter artificial tears.
  • Therapies
    • Lid cleaning – When infection, inflammation of the eyelids, or clogged oil glands contribute to dry eye, we may recommend a special lid cleaning technique (eyelid scrubs) or antibiotics.
    • IPL and LLLT – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) can effectively treat meibomian gland dysfunction and related evaporative dry eye. Brief bursts of light are applied to the delicate eye area by a trained professional. These specific wavelengths of energy reduce the number of abnormal blood vessels involved in inflammation of the eye, brightening the whites of the eyes and leaving them feeling fresher.
  • Contact lenses
    • Special contact lenses – Some people with severe dry eyes may opt for special contact lenses that protect the surface of the eyes and trap moisture. These are called scleral or bandage lenses.
    • Surgery
    • Punctal occlusion – This is another common way in which we can treat dry eyes. We can perform this treatment in the clinic by placing temporary collagen or long-lasting silicone plug into one of the tear duct drains. The tear duct drains tears away from the eye and into the nose. This is comparable to putting a stopper in a sink, allowing the natural tears on the eye to moisten the eye longer.

Almost every medical treatment has the potential for some side effects. But as far as dry eye treatment goes, the side effects are negligible.

Drops and medications

  • With drops and medications, the main risks include allergy and intolerance to preservatives and ingredients.


  • Possible side effects include redness, slight burning or stinging, blurred vision, light sensitivity and dryness. These side effects are very rare and not permanent.

Contact lenses

  • With contact lenses, the main risks are overwear, which can lead to your eyes not getting the rest they need and eye infections caused by a poor eye care regime.


  • As with any surgical procedure there are risks which we will discuss with you at your appointment. Most are minimally invasive and cause few side effects.


All our treatments aim to improve your ocular surface, tear film and improve the consequences of dry eye.


There is no cure for dry eyes. All dry eye treatments require regular ongoing care and attention

  • We do a thorough dry eye assessment looking at the tear film components, meibomian glands and suggest treatments based on this assessment.
  • These treatment modalities help the majority of people with their dry eye symptoms. We recommend the treatment that we think would be the most appropriate to help you with your symptoms.

We will explain the steps of each intervention to you in detail at your first appointment.

After dry eye treatment, your symptoms should be greatly improved, resulting in more comfort and improved quality of life.

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  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Keratoconus
  • Short-sightedness
  • Long-sightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Cataracts
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Andreas . N

Man fühlt sich sofort wohl bei Frau Dr. Leydolt, freundliche Begrüßung, sympathisch und sehr kompetent. So eine genaue Augen-Untersuchung hatte ich noch nie. Jeder Schritt wird ganz genau erklärt und es gibt kein Problem, was sie nicht lösen könnte. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich endlich meine Augenärztin gefunden habe.


Frau Dr. Leydolt hat mir aufmerksam zugehört, meine Fragen ernst genommen, die Augen umfassend untersucht, die Diagnose verständlich und kompetent erklärt, wertvolle Vorschläge gemacht und sich genügend Zeit genommen. Sie geniesst mein Vertrauen. Ich kann Frau Dr. Leydolt nur weiterempfehlen.

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Fazit: absolut empfehlenswertes Institut und noch herzlichen Dank an alle Beteiligten!”

H . Früh

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Habe bereits beide Augen operiert und Multifokallinsen eingesetzt bekommen.
Bin sehr glücklich damit.”

Gertraude . S

Fr. Dr. Leydolt ist sehr kompetent. Gleich am Anfang wird man sehr herzlich begrüßt und man fühlt sich sehr wohl. Sie hat sich genügend Zeit genommen, um mein Problem zu lösen. Ich kann sie herzlichst weiterempfehlen und bin froh darüber endlich eine tolle Augenärztin gefunden zu haben.

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Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Christina Leydolt

Ophthalmologist, Lens & Cataract Surgery Specialist

“I am passionate about giving patients a better quality of life through better vision. I have always been fascinated by eye surgery and the constant new technologies and advances in this field.” – Dr. Christina Leydolt

Dr. Leydolt is an ophthalmologist who specialises in cataract and lens surgery.

She believes every patient is unique and has their own needs and requirements for vision. These requirements depend on hobbies, lifestyle and specific desires. Therefore, finding an individually tailored treatment together with you is a big priority of hers.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgery Specialist

“Every person is different; most people want the best quality of vision. Combining these two worlds makes this job fascinating and unique for me every day.” – Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Dr. Derhartunian is a renowned ophthalmologist and eye surgeon.

Since his residency, refractive surgery has been Dr. Derhartunian’s passion. He enjoys combining medicine, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated research and then translating that into his clinical work. He especially enjoys the customisation involved in eye surgery and tailoring treatment to the needs of the patient.

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