YAG laser capsulotomy is the treatment for PCO

Posterior capsule opacification is a common complication of cataract surgery

YAG laser capsulotomy is the treatment for PCO

Posterior capsule opacification is a common complication of cataract surgery

Have you developed a “secondary cataract”?

Get rid of annoying and sometimes painful glare, halos and ghosting after cataract surgery with YAG capsulotomy.

For about 25-50% of patients, a clouding of the anterior lens capsule after cataract surgery can occur – a so-called secondary cataract has appeared.

This secondary cataract appears because – unavoidably – lens epithelial cells remain and grow in the capsular bag after implanting the artificial lens. This results in a clouding of the anterior lens capsule. The occurrence of a secondary cataract has nothing to do with the quality of the cataract surgery.

A secondary cataract can arise a few months after the cataract surgery, but in most cases a few years later. The patients will again notice a veil or a slow vision worsening. Especially patients with multi-focal or EDOF lenses will experience such clouding as very disagreeable.

The secondary cataract can be painlessly removed at your medical practice by your specialist within a few minutes with the so-called YAG laser (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet).

During the removal of the secondary cataract by YAG laser (YAG capsulotomy) the pupil is first dilated with eye drops and then the eye is anaesthetised, also with drops. The patient can sit in a relaxed position at the slit lamp, to which the laser is attached.

The laser beam then opens the clouded anterior lens capsule and a central opening is created. In this way the light can again penetrate the eye without hindrance and patients will regain their clear vision. After this successful treatment, generally no new secondary cataract will appear.

The laser treatment occurs quickly and is completely painless in our practice. Patients can go home immediately after treatment. Vision will already improve the day after the treatment.

After the YAG laser treatment patients can continue their daily routine without restrictions. To prevent an inflammatory reaction, anti-inflammatory eye drops are usually prescribed for one week.

On the day of the laser treatment, vision may still be blurry due to the dilated pupil. The eye pressure may be increased, but this can be treated well with pressure-lowering eye drops.

In rare cases, fluid may accumulate in the fovea centralis (macular oedema). This is why patients receive anti-inflammatory eye drops directly after treatment.

The vision improvement already occurs one day after the YAG laser treatment. After the removal of the secondary cataract, patients will be able to see clearly again. Generally, no new secondary cataract will appear after the successful laser treatment.

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Andreas . N

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Dr. Leydolt is an ophthalmologist who specialises in cataract and lens surgery.

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Dr. Derhartunian is a renowned ophthalmologist and eye surgeon.

Since his residency, refractive surgery has been Dr. Derhartunian’s passion. He enjoys combining medicine, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated research and then translating that into his clinical work. He especially enjoys the customisation involved in eye surgery and tailoring treatment to the needs of the patient.

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